What Is A Base For All Nursing Theories In Nursing Sociological Theories?

Are there any any nursing concepts for geriatrics? Is there any nursing theories for geriatrics which could clarify the differences in interaction and the work of older persons using the nursing home and with other caregivers?

You’ll find several theories that are employed by the nursing employees in every association that is concerned with the welfare of elderly persons. These concepts have been predicated upon both the maintenance of elders the facts about geriatrics and nursing home processes, together side developments in social sciences. A few of those theories really are:

First, essay writing company the basic theories about geriatrics are based on known facts about geriatrics. These theories state that geriatrics is a unique phase of health care where care and treatment cannot be generalized to a broad spectrum of persons and the best nursing practice is a specialized one.

A nursing notion that manages all the interdependence between social and nursing attention. It states each nursing service should match one other, not interfere with each other. This interdependence usually means that nursing theory must be analyzed from the best possible manner, with those working with both social and nursing care solutions. A few situations of care workers are occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, nursing aides, social workers, and health care assistants.


Third, another nursing theory that is generally believed to be valid in geriatrics is called continuum theory. This theory states that the continuity of care for elders should be equal to the continuity of care for children. This theory states that any loss of individuality or independence will have consequences to the quality of care provided for the elders.

Fourth, a theory that is mostly applied to geriatrics is called the physiology of aging. It states that the geriatric process differs from that of young people, as the aging process of elders does not involve the same types of diseases and illnesses.

The theory of interaction is targeted on ways to integrate existence and socialization. https://www.buyessay.net The idea of interaction involves adjustments in the work of nursing assistance managers as well as the direction in which that they interact with seniors.

Sixth, another nursing theory that is about the coordination of care for elders is the structure of care. It states that many theories for geriatrics will come together in this theory.

Seventh, another nursing theory for geriatrics is that the impact of geriatrics on families should be studied closely. Nursing theory for geriatrics stresses the need to study how geriatrics impacts the lives of families and to develop methods to deal with geriatrics, in order to ensure that there are no negative impacts. This theory does not focus on people in nursing homes, but how families function with their elders who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses.

Eighth, another nursing theory that is concerned with the life style of geriatrics is the notion of identity of aging. This theory suggests that aging is connected to personal identity, and a person’s sense of identity is closely related to his or her care giving relationships.

Ninth, another nursing theory for geriatrics is continuity. It argues that the care of elderly people should not be severed. Continuity theory holds that if we try to make these relationships work well, we can actually minimize the problems that we face.

Tenth, another theory that is important for nursing practices is the lifestyle theory. This theory suggests that nursing theories for geriatrics are important for the improvement of the elderly person’s caregiving abilities and their personality development.